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if you wish to submit a contribution or a full paper, please contact one of the Editors of the Forum:

  • Alexandre Borovik, alexandre >>>at<<<
  • Tony Gardiner, anthony.d.gardiner >>>at<<<
  • Stephen Huggett, s.huggett >>>at<<<
The editorial process is simplified and light touch  and is concerned mostly with general readability and decent (non-managerialist!) style. However all contributions are open for post-publication discussion, comments and review in the associated Blog (and comments are warmly welcome). in that sense, all contributions  will be post-publication reviewed.

Copyright for all posts, papers, video and audio materials, computer code and scripts, etc., in the blog is retained by the authors.

You can use \(\LaTeX\) in all your posts and comments, here are examples:

inline placing of formulae: \(\triangle ABC \sim \triangle A’B’C’\) and a displayed formula:

\[ \int \frac{2x-1}{\sqrt{x^2+1}} dx = 2\sqrt{x^2+1} -\sinh^{-1} x \]

Example of embedded LaTeX code

Embedded LaTeX code of the formulae above

The address of The Gazette:  The De Morgan Gazette, c/o Education Committee of the London Mathematical Society, De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London WC1 4HS, United Kingdom.

The De Morgan Gazette was previously published online under the name The De Morgan JournalISSN 2049-6559 (online).

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