Michael Gove: "The Progressive Betrayal"

Michael Gove’s speech, “The Progressive Betrayal”  to the Social Market Foundation – 5th February 2013. Some random quotes related to mathematics:

This approach […]  was called progressive because it moved away from a set hierarchy of knowledge – literary canons, mathematical proofs, scientific laws, musical exercises and artistic traditions towards a new emphasis on “learning to learn”.

The EBacc squeezed out creativity, some claimed. So does that mean scientists from Rutherford to Dawkins are arid and uncreative mechanics? Mathematicians from Pythagoras to Turing are enemies of creativity?

[…] unless you have knowledge – historical, cultural, scientific, mathematic[al] – all you will find on Google is babble.

So our new curriculum affirms – at every point – the critical importance of knowledge acquisition. […] There is new and detailed content on the mathematical processes every child should master – including early memorisation of tables, written methods of long division and calculations with fractions – which was either absent or obscure before.

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