Mathematics graduates from 2011: Type of work for those in employment

From What do graduates do? published by Higher Education Careers Services Unit:

39.9% Business and Financial Professionals and Associate Professionals
9.9% Retail, Catering, Waiting and Bar Staff
8.0% Other Occupations
8.0% Information Technology Professionals
7.4% Education Professionals
6.1% Other Clerical and Secretarial Occupations
6.0% Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector Managers
4.4% Numerical Clerks and Cashiers
3.2% Marketing, Sales and Advertising Professionals
2.6% Other Professionals, Associate Professional and Technical
1.3% Arts, Design, Culture and Sports Professional
1.1% Engineering Professionals
0.8% Social &

Welfare Professionals
0.7% Scientific Research, Analysis & Development Professionals
0.5% Health Professionals and Associate Professionals
0.2% Legal Professionals
0.1% Unknown Occupations