Do the math(s)

Gillian Tett in FT Magazine: National identity? Do the math(s). A quote:

What difference does a letter “s” make? When it comes to number crunching and national pride, the answer for some American and British people is “a lot”.

A few days ago I wrote a column in the Financial Times about short-selling bans in which I observed that it was tough for the Federal Reserve – or anyone else – to prove whether bans actually worked on the basis of any “math”.

To be honest, that is not a spelling of the word that I would normally use; the British style is “maths”, while Americans typically say “math”. But I had been chatting with some American academics just before I wrote the piece and was focused on the equity market issues. Thus the word “math” slipped in, and I failed to notice it since that missing “s” seemed such a trivial issue.

Read the whole article.

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