Early entry at GCSE

Have a look at a scan of the article that appeared in the Times Educational Supplement of 25 November last year.

Early entry at GCSE

Early entry at GCSE (Times Education Supplement 25 November 2011)

The worrying trend is that the % of GCSE A* grades is falling with early entry.

I am aware of schools that enter students early to ‘get it out of the way’.

Pupils get a C or better then do little or no mathematics in Year11.

What worries me is that some pupils may not then pick up the mathematics in Year 12 since some of the fire and passion for mathematics has gone out without having done much for a year. There is also a worry that pupils who would achieve an A* if they did GCSE Mathematics in Y11 may get an A or B at early entry and be content with that without realising (and I may be wrong in assuming this, so please correct me if I am wrong) that universities look at GCSE results as well when making offers. This could mean that entry to university courses in great demand is denied to those who do not achieve top grades at GCSE and pupils may not be aware of this.

Does a message about this need to be disseminated to schools? parents? pupils?

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