Ofqual: Comparison of A Levels with International Qualifications

Report published by Ofqual purports to address, among others, the following issues:

Issue 3: Different levels of demand within mathematics – The number of different mathematics assessments at a variety of levels available to students in many education systems was also in contrast to A level Mathematics. Is there a need for A level Mathematics to have further lower-level options in addition to AS?

Issue 4: Breadth versus depth within mathematics – Within the more challenging mathematics courses considered, A level Mathematics is unusual in covering both pure mathematics and the application of mathematics in the same course. While this means that more fields within mathematics are available to study, other education systems include more demanding mathematics which an A level student can only access through additional A level courses. Would a more focused A level mathematics course better serve the needs of more capable mathematicians?

Issue 5: Specialism within mathematics – A level Mathematics includes optional routes. This means students with the same grade in the qualification may not be equally well prepared for a specific further course of study. Would distinct qualifications, building on a mathematical core but emphasising the different specialisms, better serve students and those seeking to match them to appropriate further opportunities?

Pdf file of the report: Comparison of A Levels with International Qualifications.