Eton head: Axe GCSEs and leave all exams until pupils are 18

From The Telegraph:

Eton head Tony Little would like to see GCSEs replaced with a more general school leaving certificate which would give teachers more power over what they teach and prevent the syllabus from being dictated by the examination system. The change would most likely work alongside plans to extend the school leaving age and stop pupils leaving at 16.


UCAS: Phasing out tariff points

From THE:

Tariff points should be phased out by the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, a Ucas review unveiled on 9 February recommends.

It calls for their “gradual withdrawal” when setting entry requirements and making offers.

Instead, it proposes, all higher education offers should be grade-based.

Many universities have already stopped using the Ucas tariff-point system, which compares A levels with about 1,400 level-3 qualifications, including the IB.

A consultation is under way until 16 April, with a decision on the plans expected in June.

UCAS Announcement (with a link to consultation document)